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Methodology Workshops


Katharina Paul, Paul Just, Andrea Schikowitz & Martinus Vink



A limited number of the sessions will be devoted to methodology workshops. These 90-minute workshop sessions feature specialists in different aspects of interpretive policy analysis. In the workshop sessions, following the approach employed in earlier conferences, build on the idea of a "master-class" in musical studies, two experienced researchers will meet a small number of "newer" researchers to discuss issues in using a particular methodological strategy or method. The emphasis will be on questions raised by the newer researchers, and their research will be treated as case studies to generate and engage relevant methodological issues. Presenters are asked to focus on their methods.

The workshops seek to create a setting where newer scholars can benefit from focused interaction with more seasoned experts in their field. The goal is to discuss questions about interpretive research and to exchange experiences on a range of relevant topics, such as discourse analysis, interviewing and participant observation. The sessions will be facilitated, and the discussants will be established figures in the field of interpretative policy analysis, such as Frank Fischer, Navdeep Mathur, Hendrik Wagenaar and Dvora Yanow. The sessions are fully incorporated into the regular conference program; and, as part of an effort to create a collaborative learning environment, the sessions are open to all conference participants.

In order to take part in a workshop session, newer researchers invited to present their work in one of these workshops will be asked to introduce their research project, pointing to particular methodological questions that have arisen in their research and/or field experiences that they would like to explore in the workshop. If you wish to be considered for inclusion in a Methodology Workshop, please submit your proposal no later than 5 March 2013.

Your submission should include:

  • your full name, institutional affiliation and email
  • title of your research project
  • your career stage (e.g., year of your PhD studies, year PhD dissertation defense is anticipated, year of post-doc work and date PhD was received, etc.)
  • a brief description of your research project, its methodological approach and the problem that you would like to discuss (500-600 words)

For additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Methodology Workshop Advisory Board by sending an E-Mail to ipa2013[at]univie.ac.at, writing "Methodology workshop" in the subject heading. Full papers for the methodology workshops should have no more than 3.000 words and will be due one month prior to the conference date: 3 June 2013. They should be uploaded on the website and e-mailed to the panel chair.


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