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Conference Programme Changes & Corrections

Keynote Deborah Stone: Hendrik Wagenaar will chair instead of Ulrike Felt.

Changes of date, time and location

Panel 21 New politics of expertise and policy making: processing knowledge
and influence (in Europe and beyond) moved to panel slot on Thursday, 16.15-
18.00; Seminar Room 3, Department of English, court 8.3 (Ground floor)

Panel 43 Policy Challenges Deriving from Biotechnology. Public Engagement in
Conflict moved to panel slot on Thursday, 16.15-18.00; Seminar Room 1,
Department of East Asian Studies, court 2.3 (2nd floor)

Panel 61 The Contentious Politics of the Internet: New Actors, Practices, and
Expertise moved to panel slot on Thursday, 16.15-18.00; Teaching Room,
Department of English, court 8.3 (Ground floor)

Panel 68 Technology and Sustainability moved to panel slot on Friday, 9.00-
10.45; Seminar Room 2, court 1 (Ground floor)

Changes of location

Panel 69 Societies and Space in Transition (p 52); Seminar Room 1,
Department of English, court 8.3 (Ground floor)

Panel 14 Emotions and Discourses: Towards New Paths of Studying
Knowledge Production (p 68); Seminar Room 2, court 1 (Ground floor)

Paper authors

Co-authored paper (Panel 38, p 43) “Rhetoric and Fantasy in UK Health and
Social Care Reform: Older Adults as a New Frontier?“ by Jason Glynos, Ewen
Speed & Karen West; “Narrating Sustainability in Canadian Health Care Reform
Discourse“ by Michael Orsini & Vandna Bhatia

Added papers
„Policy Hacking: Exploring New Strategies for Media Policy Change“ by Arne
Hintz (Panel 61, p 71)

„Monocrops as nature-culture hybrids: a preliminary discussion of the discursive
relationship of climate change and plant breeding“ by Eric Deibel (Panel 51, p

Ana Paula Camelo presents in Methodology Workshop 1 (p 32).
Kor Grit will present his paper in Panel 31/2nd session (p 55) instead of in
panel 34 (p 30)


Ian Greener (Panel 12, p 28); Bodó Balázs (Panel 61, p 71), Karla Koutkova &
Andrey Demidov (Panel 1, p 48), Ingrid Metzler (Panel 43, p 36 & Panel 59, p
71), Sarah Tadlaoui & Isabelle Dedieu (Panel 36, p 42), Antonia Graf (Panel 53,
p 38), Stefanie Kron (Panel 69, p 52), Daan Boezeman (Panel 31, p 41), Ruth
Müller & Nina Witjes (Panel 67, p 45), Heli Saarikoski &Kaisa Raitio; Brigitte
Biermann (Panel 31, p 55), Leonie Tuitjer (Panel 6, p 59), Benjamin John
Glasson (Panel 51, p 65), Mahama Tawat (Methodology Workshop 1, p 32),
Walter Valdivia (Panel 59, p 71), Holger Straßheim (Panel 34, p 30), Felix
Beerenskoetter (Panel 32, p 42).


Panel chairs: Tobias Hallensleben, Manfred Moldaschl & Matthias Wörlen
(Panel 64, p 45); Christian Naczinsky and Janus Hansen (Copenhagen
Business School) (Practice Seminar 2, p 46); Nanke Verloo & Freek Janssens
(Panel 49, p 77).


You can download it here.


For more details please download the conference programme here.


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